Monthly Archives: April 2023

The WHY of Digital Inspections!

At Stillwater Automotive we use a digital inspection system. We give you a detailed report on your vehicles overall condition. We do this for several reasons. First, we want you to have a clear overall idea of your vehicles condition. The last thing we want to do is only look at the problem you brought the vehicle in for, repair that one issue and then report back to you that, "Oh, by the way, while we were driving your car we noticed that your front end is also worn out and you need new brakes. You will need another $1,800 in repairs to make your vehicle safe to drive." Maybe if you had the whole picture up front you may have decided to get rid of it instead of fixing it. We want to be ethical and give you that choice before we do any serious work.  Second, we want you to be confident in our diagnostics. When we do the digital inspection, we send you a report detailing what we found. We attach pictures and videos to the report so that you can actually see, whenever po ... read more

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