Monthly Archives: January 2023

Aftermarket Car Warranties

            I want to talk to you today about aftermarket warranties on your car. Everyone gets those calls…”I’m calling about your car’s expired warranty.” They make it sound great. “Are you tired of paying for auto repairs?”….like they will happily pay them for you. “You have so much more flexibility with our coverage because you can take your vehicle to any ASE Certified auto shop and we will cover your car no matter how many miles it has on it!” As every auto repair shop knows, this may sound good but it seldom works out for your good.             Read the contract that these warranty companies have you sign when you purchase them. If you do that, you will realize that there is a very specific list of parts that they cover. Once you have a breakdown you will find that if your failed part is not on that list or was caused to fail by a pa ... read more

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